Sunday, 2 November 2014

Ork bommer - Some detailing #4

So I spent the rest of the evening doing some detailing on the fuselage. There are still lots of sections that are either left black or need to be detailed slightly better. 

So from the outset it doesn't look like there has been many changes and that has been because yesterday was mostly about cleaning up and adding highlights and doing the wiring (which are getting on my nerves).

The wiring (below) is mostly going to be hidden under panelling (which won't be glued in place) but it's rewarding getting this sort of detail done. The photo below shows the stage of me trying to figure out what colours are going to go where - so it looks awfully messy.

I've also started to add some battle damage.

The photo below shows some of the added extras (some painted some still base-coated) fitted on place. It goes to show that I still have a small pile of plastic parts that I haven't even looked at yet including all those little panels and such.

The 'big boys'. I originally base-coated this with a yellow and then decided I wanted them to stand out on the model and look menacing. So a bright red with plenty of wear and tear was the best solution.

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  1. I thought that was a Pikachu on the bomb :S.
    Looking good, start on the wings though!