Saturday, 25 October 2014

Teaser Update [Ork] #2

So, I've had quite a long hiatus away from any sort of painting (three months or so) but now is a good time to attempt to get a few previous projects finished.

I've done a bit of updating to fix the Ork Kanz up to a better standard as looking over the previous post I was rather annoyed by how messy it was in certain areas.


My painting style involves painting even the biggest model while it's still in little parts.

This model is getting a little tiresome - painting such a large amount of yellow over a black background (don't ask). So the obvious solution is to start doing other little sections of it and this brings me to the pilot.

I like the idea of the metals of the ork machines being really rusty and scratched up, so this cockpit is no different - it's insanely rusty.

Also, unlike how I originally planned to go with this model, I decided that he would be wearing only natural colours - so leather and fur rather than bright coloured uniforms. 

The model didn't really give much in the way space for the dials or anything but I guess that makes sense for an Ork craft - either way, I added what ever colour I could to light the space up.

Just a few with the canopy on (but not glued).
This is going to be difficult to paint and dirty up; I also plan on drilling a few bullet holes through the wind-screen to show a few near misses.