Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Dominus [Ad Mech] #1

After a long hiatus I am back with a slight vengeance. The toy soldiers I was painting before were sapping my enthusiasm and the lack of any real detail or individuality pushed me away from the enjoyment of painting. 

I have begun idolising the Cult Mech armies as it combines my interests of small units as well as lots and lots of machinery and rust. My brother kindly sent me his Dominus character and sent me on my way to produce something of a decent model. 

After staring at the built model for nearly a week I decided to spray an undercoat. After staring at the undercoated model for a further week I began adding layer upon layer of watered down paints to the main body of the Dominus. 

Until today the rusty metal and dreary old cloak blended into each other to create a very bleak looking model. With a little more detailing and some highlighting (and way too much flash from my camera) it's starting to look a little better. It needs a little more detailing and a few coats of ink to really bring out the detail (especially around the head) but the basic idea is coming together. 

N.B. Only the main body has been painted so far; I'll get to the extras (arms, etc.) next. 


A detailed look at the oxidised tanks on his back.

The face will eventually have a sickly yellowy-gold look to it - the real missing chunk here is the black ink to really hide the rest of the features under the dark cloak. The more I look at the red tubing the more I dislike it - it might just be the flash but I think it's a little too bright for the figure.

 The base too needs a few more coats of ink and a few shrubs to tie it together. I went for the typical boring "Mars" look. 

A proper look at the colouring of the cloak as well as the rusty armour on the back. N.B. The black holes on the side are the attachments for the arms. 

The "back pack" was still drying when I took these photos. A single layer of ink will make the detail on here pop. 

Thank you for looking.