Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bommer #5

The 'Bommer' is starting to come together! 

I decided that certain parts, such as the exhaust pipes, extra sections that the wings glue onto and the hood, all needed to be glued into place as the areas around them are relatively finished.

As you can see, the wing extenders massively beef out the fuselage. These extenders actually hold two front-facing machine guns (not shown) and also the big-boy bombs (see below).

From the side you can see the two colours being used with the yellow colour scheme and grey-blue underbelly. Although, I feel this effect is only going to be really noticeable when the wings are attached. 
Also, please note the Ford Mustang-esque hood that I'm glad my Dad decided to choose for this model.

Ignore the wiring as it is all very roughly done at the moment just to remind myself to come back and touch it up later. All these detailing will be covered by venting systems which I think I'll leave un-glued to show off the detailing underneath. 

I do like seeing the pilot seated in - although, neither the pilot's nor the gunner's compartments are glued in place. 

The two furthest holes on the wings are where the machine guns will sit once they are painted up. The two holes further in on the fuselage are vents that'll require some painting. 

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