Saturday, 15 November 2014

Bommer - Poor lighting - #6

There is still plenty to do but this is pretty complete at the moment apart from the touching up, the grot gunner, transfers, and a little bit more weathering.

Unfortunately, due to the bad weather I have only managed to get a few photos in very poor light. However, this will serve rather nicely as I will get better photos of the completed model once it is actually finished. Please bare in mind that this model is still far from complete and there are lots of additions and touches-up that need to be done.

The dirty yellow was quite a success in my opinion and the next step is a set of weathering to show damage through speed - however, this will be done after the transfers have been put in place.

In these first two photos you can see the aircraft with the wing panelling on, although I never intend to glue these in place and you'll see why in a second. Also, ignore the orange grills on the tail of the fuselage as these have only had the first coat of paint.

 Here is what those panels on the wings and the tail of the fuselage is hiding. The wiring has a lot more work to tidy it all up, but it gives you an idea of the sort of colour that will be revealed.

I hadn't realised the wiring was actually semi-visible through the grills until I took these photos. Regardless, these panels will be left loose. 

Again, these incomplete orange grills hide some wiring behind them and will never be affixed in place. 

I love bringing out colour on models that would otherwise be earthy and dull - these wires need a lot of work as I quickly painted them up in the early morning but they give an idea of the end result. 

Likewise, the weathering on the wings need a lot more work but I'm not going to attempt that until the transfer are in place to prevent me having to go over with too many techniques. 

Frustratingly, the underbelly grey isn't very visible due to how noisy the model is but I still think that it's come out looking pretty good.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bommer #5

The 'Bommer' is starting to come together! 

I decided that certain parts, such as the exhaust pipes, extra sections that the wings glue onto and the hood, all needed to be glued into place as the areas around them are relatively finished.

As you can see, the wing extenders massively beef out the fuselage. These extenders actually hold two front-facing machine guns (not shown) and also the big-boy bombs (see below).

From the side you can see the two colours being used with the yellow colour scheme and grey-blue underbelly. Although, I feel this effect is only going to be really noticeable when the wings are attached. 
Also, please note the Ford Mustang-esque hood that I'm glad my Dad decided to choose for this model.

Ignore the wiring as it is all very roughly done at the moment just to remind myself to come back and touch it up later. All these detailing will be covered by venting systems which I think I'll leave un-glued to show off the detailing underneath. 

I do like seeing the pilot seated in - although, neither the pilot's nor the gunner's compartments are glued in place. 

The two furthest holes on the wings are where the machine guns will sit once they are painted up. The two holes further in on the fuselage are vents that'll require some painting. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Ork bommer - Some detailing #4

So I spent the rest of the evening doing some detailing on the fuselage. There are still lots of sections that are either left black or need to be detailed slightly better. 

So from the outset it doesn't look like there has been many changes and that has been because yesterday was mostly about cleaning up and adding highlights and doing the wiring (which are getting on my nerves).

The wiring (below) is mostly going to be hidden under panelling (which won't be glued in place) but it's rewarding getting this sort of detail done. The photo below shows the stage of me trying to figure out what colours are going to go where - so it looks awfully messy.

I've also started to add some battle damage.

The photo below shows some of the added extras (some painted some still base-coated) fitted on place. It goes to show that I still have a small pile of plastic parts that I haven't even looked at yet including all those little panels and such.

The 'big boys'. I originally base-coated this with a yellow and then decided I wanted them to stand out on the model and look menacing. So a bright red with plenty of wear and tear was the best solution.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Ork bommer - New paint scheme #3

Only a small teaser for today before a weekend of occasional painting. It gives a certain idea of what sort of colours are going to be used. 

Today is going to be spent cleaning up the grey under-belly and starting on doing some of the details of the fuselage. 

N.B. At the moment most of the parts you see on this fuselage are actually blue-tacked in place and not glued yet.