Monday, 1 February 2016

Dominus [Ad Mech] #2

In the low light of the badly lit living room with only the yellow stain of the desk lamp illuminating the model a few inches away from my face I continued. 

The Dominus is really coming together now. In fact, other than a bit of tidying up, a few extra washes here and there, perhaps some dirt to the bottom of the cloak, and the servo skull on his back, it's basically there. 

Below are a random selection of photos. Most are overly saturated as normal as they are being lit by a very dim desk lamp and the living room lights - all of which have the same output as a toothbrush. Quite a few are blurry as they were taken with my phone. And a few actually capture what I wanted to show. 

Oh, and all of them are portrait. Damn.


The last two arms kept with the rest of the theme: the clean and rust free mechanism of the Dominus' skeleton compared to the rusty, ancient armour. 

I then began on the plasma cords building up bases of very dark blues spilling out from the coils before watering down a turquoise and letting that seep into the recesses. I allowed this to dry fully before applying anything else. 

Once dry, it was possible to dry-brush further levels of lighter blues working all the way to nearly white. 

 Finally I highlighted the very definitive sections such as the coils and immediate edges with white. 

Together he's really coming together. The once drab and disappointing grey/blue cloak now fits into the grand scheme perfectly giving quite the menacing look. 

Thanks for looking. 

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