Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Praetorians - Space Marine Update

My marines deserved bigger bases; large marines look ridiculous crammed onto tiny bases. So with the sun out I took out the knife and began removing the old bases and glueing them onto some nice resin bases. 

I still need to get a few last details finished and get some transfers on their pauldroms.

The whole squad with flash.

The squad without flash.

The old vet' with the weird armour.

The plasma gunner.

A random marine. 

PLUS, for the first time, a little preview of my HQ choice and the squad's transport (both WIPs)

This guy is "converted" from the 'Dark Vengeance' boxset by just removing the Dark Angel iconography with a knife. I have a hatred of all the librarian models in the Space Marine range; so seeing this one was just perfect. 

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