Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Praetorians - Brother Severus #2 [Space Marines]

So, there is still quite a few little things that need to go onto Brother Severus including the smoke stacks and sensor, and the base needs a few extra coats of paint and ink, but he is standing and looking epic.


Here he is in his full glory. Plasma cannon and close combat weapon with under-mounted flamer. 

The other plasma weapons in the army so far have been painted black but he looked a bit odd with a black sponsor arm so it turned out red instead.

His base is something that will require a little bit of work but it ties in the barren dry earth on the other bases with the stone work that I liked. He also has the remnants of an ork vehicle that seems to have been brought down by the pushing Praetorian legions.

Brother Severus served as an assault troop before his mutilation on the battlefield. His ceremonial power-fist with an under-mounted flamer. 

His back shows a lot less blue colour due to the mechanisms but that doesn't mean there isn't colour. The chimneys are showing quite a bit of damage after over-burning across the battlefield.

Another shot of the base. 

Another shot of the front plate showing Brother Severus' white helmet like his other battle-brothers'. 

And a little shot with his (completed) brothers.

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