Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Praetorians - Tactical squad #1 [Space Marines]

Recently my housemate and friends have decided that they wanted to take a step into the world of table-top gaming. They decided on small 500 point armies to get us into the spirit of things and after a small amount of pressuring I decided it would be a good idea. 

I chose Space Marines mostly because the army itself could afford to be smaller and the ability to choose a different colour scheme and paint an army up was very tempting. 

I decided to dive into the deep end and buy a tactical box of marines to test my colour scheme and to get a bulk of the troops done (before I got too bored). Quickly I began realising why I despise painting armies as I rushed through the marines taking a lot less time on them than I would like. 


The below three are the first three that are "finished" but they are still a work in progress. 

I've called the army 'the Praetorians'. Their colour scheme is the Ultramarine blue with bone coloured helmets and shoulder pads. 

Not much to really say about these guys. My plasma gunner has a glowing coil but this may need to be extended as the glow is very minor at the moment.

The first standard model I painted. From the pictures I can see where all the problems are with this. I've also got a drill-bit on the way so that I can finally drill out these guns. 

This dude is a mismatch of different types of marine and I love the idea that he's an old veteran who has seen one too many battles. 

The shoulder pads will eventually have some transfers put on them showing some insignia and numbering. 

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  1. They are well nice! Love the on campaign look they have.