Friday, 8 August 2014

Rusty STANK! (Under construction) [Empire]

The trusty Warhammer Steam tank, often comically referred to as the 'stank', is a model that I've admired since the old metal variations that were on the scene a few generations ago. The new plastic model is nothing short of 'fun' and the construction of my first has left me wanting to create a unit to flatten the battlefield. 

However, as I don't play, I digress.

For the current update, here is my Stank from the a chapter of the 'Order of the blackbird'.


I was aiming to create a metal and wood beast expertly constructed in the forges of the Empire but subject to the rot and degeneration subject to the early days of history. I pictured the early tanks that lumbered across the trenches in WW1; not elegant and clean, but muddy and black from sot.

This pictures are from an earlier edition and the shield motifs have since had some work done on them.

The red and white represent the 'Invicta', the flag of my home county of Kent and the insignia of my chapter of the army - these are the colours and design of my University. Whereas, the red and blue were the colours of my brother's University and the subject of his chapter.

The coal bucket is a personal favourite touch. I've replaced the hook to the top of the chimney so that the detail at the base is more visible.

This gold detailing and the tiny minature shield are normally hidden behind the coal bucket and I wanted this out on show.

This is an area that needs serious repainting; although the flash in this photo has washed it out considerably.

Once again, the heavy amount of rust on the pistons and around the hatch can be seen.

The expensive and personal rifle of the commander shows no wear and tear and clearly stands out from the rest of the model.

A 'behind the scenes' picture of the rust going onto the model. I admittedly used a heavy amount of rust on this model and at one point it was pure rust and wood - thankfully some of the detailing has brought out other colours.

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